Bow Tuning

It is no secret, a well-tuned bow shoots more accurately and quietly. Here at The Archer’s Edge we have the knowledge and expertise to get and keep your bow performing optimally. When we set up your equipment we treat it as our own, making sure the bow is within factory specs and all other variables are correctly set. Doing this ensures proper arrow flight when in the practice range and that your broadheads will hit the mark when hunting season comes.

The Archer’s Edge Basic Tune:
The Basic Tune is a technical tune of your equipment. We go through it from top to bottom ensuring the cams are timed and that the tiller, rest and nock point are set correctly for your set up. This is a technical tune meaning that we take the proper measurements and ensure that the bow is technically correct, but it may need a tweak or two to be perfectly set up for your personal shooting style.

The Archer’s Edge Super Tune:
The Super Tune is a full checkup and tuning of your rig. We start by taking the bow down to the bare riser and clean and spec all aspects as we build it back together. This includes cleaning, proper inspection, greasing and lubrication on all necessary parts. When the string is installed it is allowed to settle before we check cam timing and lean, and we then begin setting the nock height and rest set up. To finish the bow is tuned using one of your arrows this includes being paper tuned and chronographed. If there are any issues we communicate with you as to exactly what it is and what the remedy would then be, quotes will be available for replacement parts if needed.