Certified Archery Instructions

We have Certified Archery Instructors for both classes and private instruction.  Private lessons are $30 per half hour and are available by appointment only during store hours.  Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Beginner’s Class:
Class size limited to 14 students.
Call now to reserve a spot.

Session dates and times:
January 11th 9:30-10:30
January 18th 9:30-10:30
January 25th 9:30-10:30
February 1st 9:30-10:30

The Beginner’s class at The Archer’s Edge is a great hands on learning experience. This class starts with the basic building blocks of archery, form, technique, and having some fun. Each class concentrates on one area of basic form and technique including proper stance, anchor point and the basics of aiming and release. Personal equipment is not necessary to join the class we will provide bows and arrows for those who need them. The goal of this class is to get a lot of shooting in and learn the needed basics to have fun and be successful in archery.


Intermediate Class:
Cost: $80
Class size limited to 7 students.
Call now to reserve a spot.

Session dates and times:
January 11th 11:00am-12:00
January 18th 11:00am-12:00
January 25th 11:00am-12:00
February 1st 11:00am-12:00

The Intermediate Course is a more in depth view on how to develop and refine your own personal shooting style. This includes refined form and stance, follow through, developed release methods and getting to know your equipment. With the smaller class size there is more 1 on 1 time with instructors to answer questions and to help refine and teach finer methodologies of shooting archery. Having your own personal equipment is recommended but not required as we can provide rental equipment if needed. The goal in this class is to help those interested in taking the next step up in their level of shooting.